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​Trumpet Vine Plant

​Trumpet Vine Plant

Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 23, 2018

Trumpet Creeper - 12-18"

Trumpet vine plant is also known as trumpet creeper, Cow vine, Foxglove creeper, and Hellvine. This is a rapidly growing perennial vine that works well in any home garden or landscape setting. Below is an overview of Trumpet vine plant and how to care for it.


This vine is native to the eastern portion of the United States and found growing in western areas, as well. It is also found in Europe and some areas of Ontario, Canada. Trumpet vine has a vigorous growth habit and is characterized by beautiful blooms in shades of red and orange, with yellow accents. Flowers typically bloom during the summer months and early fall. Plants growing in areas of heavy tone may produce fewer blooms than those growing in full sun. The leaves of this plant are a lovely shade of emerald green and range from 3 to 10 cm in length. An aggressive climber, Trumpet vine can reach heights of 35 feet.

Campsis radicans, more commonly known as trumpet vine or trumpet creeper, is a fast-growing perennial that requires very little care once established. The trumpet vine is a woody, deciduous, dense, dynamic, multi-stemmed clinging vine that readily attaches itself to almost any vertical structure. Clusters of red trumpet-shaped flowers, up to three inches in length, grow throughout the summer months.


Trumpet vine thrives in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9. While it may die back during the winter, most survive well enough to return in the springtime. Since this vine can reach heights of up to 40 feet, most home gardeners prune it several times a year. Trumpet vine plant grows best in moist, well-drained soil planted in full sun or areas of partial shade. It grows well in sand, clay loam, medium loam, clay, and limestone-based soils. This plant is tolerant of drought, heat and cold weather. It is best to provide a trellis or fence for growth, so trees do not become damaged as time goes on. Trumpet vine can also be grown in containers, which helps keep them confined to a smaller area of the yard or garden.

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Hummingbirds are very attracted to Trumpet vine blooms. A variety of other wild birds are also attracted to this plant for nesting purposes. After flower bloom, this plant produces a seed pod that split as they dry, releasing seeds into the environment.

Trumpet vine is a popular choice among home gardeners who want a vigorous climbing plant, that also produces flowers in a variety of colors. It is fairly deer resistant and brings birds and bees into the area where it is planted. Trumpet vine is versatile, growing on fences, poles and other structures. It is also hardy when cultivated in containers in the garden and used for its ornamental value.