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Top Color Producing Perennials

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 31, 2016

Let Spring Bring Color to Life With Top Perennials For Color

Spring is the best time to cultivate color with perennial plants in the garden. When temperatures get warmer and the rains start falling, the world of foliage blooms. Sweet smells saturate the air around us while new families of wildlife share in the spoils of Spring. It is truly an awe-inspiring time to observe the natural evolution of life in all things.

The knowledge required to foster an exemplary display of color in a garden is not difficult to absorb. With only a meager amount of research, a cumulative collection of color makers will lead down the path to success.

Take a look at a few suggestions that will get the ball rolling in the right direction. Here is a quick summary of some of the best and most colorful perennials available for purchase online.

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Hens-and-Chicks (Sempervivum tectorum)

This plant is extremely resilient and beautiful. Hens-and-Chicks have round clusters of thick ornamental leaves. Its exotic look blooms into deep shades of red on the tips of its leaves with brilliant displays of a vibrant green in the center.

This perennial is perfect for any first-time gardener. It’s one of the toughest plants around. It can survive several days without being watered and thrive in all those hard to grow areas of the yard. Just put it in the ground, and let it grow.

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Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris)

These flowers show off their unique blossoms early in the Spring. Their vibrant purple petals and bright yellow center take first prize for color contrast in the garden. Even once their petals fall at the end of the season, they’re leftover seed heads continue to provide a spot of color among its barren cohorts.

This plant is somewhat drought tolerant and can stand up to the abuse of the neighborhood bunny rabbits. Pasque Flower’s vivid sunburst stamen is a great attraction for bees as well. Remember, bees are not a bad thing in nature.

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Bath’s Pinks (Dianthus gratianopolitanus)

These flowers have been planted in home gardens for hundreds of years. As the name suggests, they provide a dazzling display of the color, but they’re not necessarily pink. Little blueish green frosted flowers with petals that look torn at the ends blanket the plant like a bed of clovers.

Dianthus are very low maintenance soil dwellers. They tolerate the heat of summer with ease, and they have an extended blooming period. A subtle scent of cloves may be detected in the presence of this powerful perennial. They also attract butterflies, so be on the lookout!

Columbine Flower (Aguilagia)

Given that this plant can bloom in many different colors of the spectrum, it’s a proper fit for this recommendation. Columbine flowers are not very picky as to where they are grown, but they’re not very keen on extreme heat. Make sure they’re planted in a place of reprieve from the hot summer sun.

Their bell-shaped flowers are great for attracting hummingbirds. Flower arrangements are also a great home for the Columbine once it is properly cut.