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Tips To Remove Weeds

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Aug 10, 2014

Tips For A Weed Free Garden

Weeds are a top problem for gardeners and most feel overwhelmed at times because they never seem to go away. Here a few tips to a healthy weed free garden that is sure to make you and your plants and flowers happier. Eliminate areas with bare soil. It is a breeding ground for weeds, and they often become established easier in these areas. If you must have bare soil, layer it with mulch to keep weeds away. Another tip is to not dig and till the soil in your garden. Tilling will take the weed seeds that are on the surface of the soil where they may never come to fruition and plants them right into the ground, and then you have a whole mess of weeds on your hands. Also, when you go out to hoe the garden, do not overdo it. Although this is a great thing to do for your plants and flowers on a weekly basis, doing too much of it or doing it too often will prove to be an open invitation for weeds. Much like what happens with tilling the soil. Also, add some cover crops to your garden area. They are a great way to keep out weeds and will protect the soil during the cooler months of the year. After a few seasons of having these in your garden, you will be astonished at how little you see any weeds in the area. Mulch between your plants! It is to keep the bare soil protected as well as keep weeds from spreading to your plants and flowers. Usually a good three to four inch layer will do wonders for any garden. Also, daily gardening is the secret. Checking on your garden daily and doing maintenance will reduce the time one spends and will keep your plants and flowers healthier.