​Tips For Caring For Your Virginia Bluebells

​Tips For Caring For Your Virginia Bluebells

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 31, 1969

The best place to plant these flowers is in a soil that is rich and moist. They are partial to full

shade, but they can also take a little bit of the morning sun. A tip that can help is to note that the

more sun in the area, the more water your plants will need. They are dormant in most cases

in the summer, so when you plant them near perennials that are emerging late, they will fill in the

gaps that are left when the plants die back. It would be best if you spaced these plants at least a

foot apart. That space is going to let your garden has a chance to imitate what these plants look

like in the wild.

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These will need water regularly. The bluebells will not be able to thrive in an area that is

drought-like. The fertilizer is essential as well because they need fertile soil. That will ensure

their health and better growth. Because these flowers multiply so rapidly, they make a great

starter plant if you are new to gardening. They are not high maintenance, and they don't need

much pruning. If you want to control the spreading of their seeds, you should deadhead the

plants immediately after the blooms fade. Mulch will be required as well, but only lightly.

Microbes are going to break down the mulch, and in turn, it will incorporate matter that is

organic into that soil. When you add the mulch, it will also help keep your soil evenly moist

around your plants.

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When the season comes to an end, the foliage will turn yellow and die back. You can cut them

back again when it has become a brownish yellow. You should divide and transplant in the fall

when your plants are dormant in the fullest. If you do this is the spring, you will disrupt the

bloom. The bluebells grow from rhizomes, and you can dig them up and then cut those rhizomes

apart. You want to make sure that the rhizomes each have a node. Allow the newly cut sections

that you have to dry out for a few days before you replant. These plants grow best on their own,

but you can add other plants if you wish to do so. They can grow in exciting areas and unique

places as well. Plants can have trouble growing under black walnut trees, but these can. That is

one thing that sets them apart.