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​There's Gold in Them There Trees!

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 12, 2016

In our fast-paced, microcomputer world, it's easy to take for granted the ancient and aromatic giants that speckle our world in graceful silence. Our children, and our children's children give the majority of their attention to electronic devices that often keep them indoors. Neighborhood streets are dead with inactivity, where once they were alive with shouts and laughter from the children living in that area. Neighborhood parks suffer from the same neglect. It's not just the young who believe they have little to no use for nature; those of us who grew up before the age of the computer often trade nature for modern conveniences.

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It's high time we realize the value of the trees we nonchalantly pass by every day. For many of us, we simply need to be reminded. For most of our young people, the benefits of trees may come as a sort of revelation. We offer our readers a smidgen of enlightenment, briefly touching on only a few of the most obvious perks trees have to offer.

Most of us know that a mature tree casting a relaxing shade over a home in the hot summer months offers significant cooling to that home, usually lowering temperatures in specific rooms. Before artificial air cooling practices were common in most societies around the globe, trees were highly appreciated for their natural cooling effects. As a matter of fact, researchers at the University of Georgia state that trees can potentially lower the temperature of a room or a home by as much as 20 degrees.

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What most people don't realize, however, is the actual value mature trees bring to a home. In urban areas, agents and buyers alike will appraise the value of property anywhere from 10% to 25% higher when trees are present. This incredible jump to a residential property is likely echoed in more suburban areas, as shown other studies. In fact, the overall sale ability of a home is impacted anywhere from 83-98%, depending on the area of its location.

It only takes a few moments of introspect to understand the reasons behind this trend. Aesthetically speaking, trees add an obvious beauty and charm to even the most run down establishment. Placed in an area that has been maintained, a person might begin to think about placing a tire swing in one of the trees, picturing hours of joyful laughter as their children or grandchildren enjoy this timeless pleasure. Large trees provide shelter for family gatherings, daytime picnics with toddlers, hiding places for serious minded children who also want an easy escape should they be spotted. Once a tree is seen, ideas begin to form of how it can be used. Bird lovers will place simple to ornate feeders, anticipating the feathered friends they'll quietly spy on from afar. Offering a small amount of seclusion, anyone from young poets to couples wanting to steal a quick kiss find great value in times of need. Trees oftentimes help create memories.

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Then there's the energy aspect that we briefly touched on. Savvy home buyers know that large trees help reduce energy costs in the warmer months. Treepeople.org state that as few as three trees planted in key spots around a home may cut air conditioning costs up to 50%. A young, healthy tree is said to be equal to ten window air conditioners that run constantly for 20 hours. According to the USDA Forest Service, trees not only help reduce energy costs during warmer months, but can reduce them in the cooler months as well.

So if the overall beauty and regal looks of a tree isn't enough, you have plenty of economic incentives to help you appreciate them. There are, of course, many other benefits that we haven't touched on. Benefits such as fruits and nuts for our consumption, providing us with inexpensive and healthy alternatives to the Mcfood that has overwhelmed our society. Benefits against crime, for increased mental and emotional health, for community adhesion. The benefits of trees are nothing short of miraculous.