​The Fairy Bell Plant

​The Fairy Bell Plant

Posted by Tammy Sons on Apr 02, 2018

Fairy Bell Plant- Disporum/Prosartes Trachycarpa

The Fairy Bell is a plant found in both North America and parts of Asia. The name of this species is Disporum, though the American species name changed to Prosartes Trachycarpa. The Latin name Disporum means "two seed" because it produces berries that contain two seeds. The name Prosartes Trachycarpa is a Greek name given in the late 1800s meaning "fastened, rough fruit." Part of the lily family, Fairy Bell's bloom in spring through summer. Lovers of shade and wooded areas, they should be planted where they are not completely exposed to the sun. This species can also thrive in areas that are completely covering the sun. The necessary soil is going to be damp and organic with a planting zone ranging from 4 to 5. Make sure to protect this plant from cold climates. The growth rate of this plant is slow but is classified as a herbaceous perennial (a plant with a life expectancy of 2 years)

Furthermore, this beautiful flower comes in an array of colors and sizes. North America is home to the taller plants which range from about 60cm to 90cm. The Asian plants reach between 20cm to 40cm. Fairy Bells all have leaves, six pedaled bell-shaped flowers and berries, although their colors can be very different. In first bloom, the pedals (sometimes even the leaves) can be seen anywhere from white, yellow, green, light pink and purple. Eventually, these droopy belled beauties change hues and form, ditching the flowers and producing berries. These berries should not be consumed, and colors include orange, red, purple, and mixed shades looking almost black. These flowers are typically hidden away, but if planted in the right environment the Fairy Bell can bring a lovely, unique addition to a garden or landscape.

All in all, the Disporum is a wonderfully diverse and intriguing species. Adding this beautiful and rare plant to any home is a great addition.