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​The Best Suited Fruit Trees

All fruit trees require a tiny bit of knowledge to produce edible fruit successfully, but some are less erratic than others. Living in the southeast area of the United States, you have a pretty wide range of trees to choose from if you’re looking to start your little tree nursery.

The zoning of the southeast area of the U.S. allows for many different species of fruit trees to thrive. As a general rule, the zoning numbers in this area range somewhere between five and eight, depending on where you are precise. Here is a short overview of just a few of the delicious fruit trees you could grow in your backyard.

Pink Lady Apple Tree

These particular trees are amazingly temperature resilient. They fare well in either warm or cool climates. That makes them one of the favorite apple trees to grow in the U.S. In the early days of Summer, you’ll enjoy an olfactory delight as the fragrant whitish-pink blooms begin to appear.

Image result for pink lady apple tree

By the time you reach the harvest season of this tree, you’ll have a breathtaking sight to behold. The leaves of the tree will be a vibrant blend of reds, oranges, and yellows. Now it’s time to pick your apples and eat!

Contender Peach Tree

This peach tree holds to its name. The Contender Peachtree can grow practically anywhere in the continental United States; It takes the prize in versatility. It is on a shortlist of peach trees that can survive in the harsh northern winter.

Image result for contender peach tree

Contender peaches are well known for their full and juicy flavor. This tree will also assure that you have a beautiful painting in your yard, sent straight from mother nature. The size of this tree is quite manageable as well. It won’t grow too high for you to enjoy picking a snack on occasion.

Bartlett Pear Tree

When it comes to eating pears, there’s always a worry of ingesting chemicals. Unless they’re organically grown, those can sometimes be a rarity in the produce isle. Luckily, growing your pear tree isn’t very difficult. These trees are also champions of production. They grow fruit like crazy! You’ll never have a shortage of fresh pears if you plant yourself a Bartlett Pear Tree.

Image result for bartlett pear tree

Other uses of this precious produce would be that they’re great for canning. They’re great when cooked for pies and other desserts. Once your trees ripen fully, your yard will fill with a gentle aromatic scent that can’t be bought in any store.

Brown Turkey Fig Tree

That is a tree that can handle the cold far better than its Mediterranean brothers and sisters. The best thing about this particular tree is that it will yield two harvests per year. You won’t run out of figs. They’re great for your health as well. Educate yourself on methods of integrating figs into your diet, and you will see the full benefits of this power fruit come to life. 

Image result for brown turkey fig tree

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