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The Best Smelling Garden Flowers

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 22, 2014

Smell is important for some gardeners. It is also a sense that we have that will trigger some of our most treasured memories. So why not add flowers and other plants that will make your garden fragrant and wonderful smelling? Some additions to the garden for the ultimate sense experience. Gardenia is a beautiful flower that is common in many southern homes. It has a strong, lovely scent that will fill the entire area around it in addition to the bright blooms and dark foliage it will provide. Plant this in full sunlight for best growth. It will also need acidic soil and a constant supply of moisture. You can also add a plant food once a month for even better results. Mostly this plant will bloom in the summer months of the year. Another great scented flower is the magnolia. You can find these in shrub and tree form, choose what will work best for you. The scent is somewhat sweet and fresh and will make your garden one of your favorite places to enjoy spring and summer afternoons, especially when there is a breeze. They grow best in rich soils that have a lot of moisture but are well drained. They also grow best in full sun but can grow in partial shade as well. The Oriental Lily is also quite fragrant. It is simply intoxicating to smell. It grows best in full sunlight or partially sunlight environments and needs soils that are well drained and loose. Adding compost to your soil can amend almost any issue you may have as lilies are quite particular when it comes to this. Another interesting and beautifully scented flower is the Four O’Clock. They are most fragrant when the sun is setting creating a beautiful outdoor environment in the evening time. They grow best in full sun and adapt to many soils. If you want to transform a dull garden area into something that is colorful as well as lovely smelling, try one of these flowers in your garden soon!