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The Best Edging Plants

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 29, 2014

Edging your garden is a must and will complete the area and bring everything together. Here are some great plants to try for edging. Alyssum is a great choice! It is fast growing and low maintenance. They grow in a variety. If you cut them back, they will continually bloom throughout their blooming period. The flowers are also very lovely smelling and will make for a welcoming scent. Barrenwort is also a good idea. These do well in shade and grows each year. It has a variety of colors and does best in climate zones five through nine. It will also be quite colorful during the fall months of the year. You can also try Bloody Geranium. It gets its name from the beautiful reds the foliage produces during the fall time of the year, and it grows best in climate zones four through eight. It can grow in full sun or partially shaded areas. 

Japanese Forestgrass is a bordering plant that loves shade and will grow in mounds. It looks simply amazing as a border and will highlight your entire garden or landscape area. Lady’s Mantle is another popular choice. The leaves glisten in the sunlight and will bloom during the summer months of the year. The blooms will form in clusters and are quite elegant in their appearance. They grow best in climate zones four through seven. Sedum is also popular. They are perfect when planted in front of taller plants and even attract butterflies to the area. It is heat and drought resistant and grows best in climate zones three through ten and are quite lovely to look. A great perennial border to consider is Thrift. It grows in neat mounds and produces clusters of flowers in the spring and summer months of the year. It does best in climate zones three through nine and full sunlight. Try one of these borders today!

Privet Hedge Plants also make excellent border plants.