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​The Art of Landscaping

Posted by Dennis Sons on Dec 09, 2014

One area of gardening is landscaping. It can use a lot of energies. It can always be done by a professional but will put quite a dent in the check book. If you are interested in improving, there are several things that you will need to take into consideration before ever doing any actual gardening. A good idea with your landscaping idea is to put it on paper. Draw out a plan and layout that you have in mind. As you draw out this plan, keep a list of all of the necessary items that will need purchasing and a list of the idea to life.

 As you make a list and the drawing, keep in mind the style of your design as well as what plants you will need. Do your research. Some of the local lawn and garden stores as well as nurseries, may offer free services to help with your planning. Spend the money in their institution, they may be more willing to offer some free advice on your design plan. The most important thing about your landscaping is the style. Make sure that it compliments your home. There are several styles to choose from. 

Formal garden tends to put plants and things in straight lines and needs lots of close attention and pruning while informal landscaping let you arrange plants in a more random manner and more curved edges. You can even combine formal and informal styles for a stunning result. There is also the English Garden style which places importance on harmony between architecture and the garden area. Consider the Oriental style. You can use many things such as rocks, plants, evergreens, etc. to create different angles of interest. There is also the Woodland style which goes quite well with houses in wooded areas. You will end up with your idea turned into reality. Let your creativity and imagination flow so that the garden and landscaping also becomes a reflection of who you are.