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The Advantages Of Planting Oak Trees

The Many Advantages A Homeowner Has Planting Oak Trees

There are many advantages and benefits of planting oak trees. Oak trees are majestic and very stable and sturdy trees. These trees flourish in America and most temperate climates around the world. In 2004, the oak was named America’s National Tree, and for many great reasons.

These beautiful oak trees produce acorns that are a high-protein food source for various wildlife, from birds like woodpeckers, ducks, and pigeons, to squirrels, deer, and bears. Oak trees can produce about one million acorns in their lifetimes for an abundance of nutrition for wildlife and provide homes for the birds and other wildlife that depend on trees for shelter. The trees act as protection for wildlife in their local habitats.

Many different oak species have leaves that change colors from green to gold, orange, and red, signaling the autumn season. They are hardy trees and generally not acceptable to diseases or blight, and they can tolerate drought.

Oak trees have the potential to improve environmental conditions because of the shade they provide. They stabilize the soil with their roots, and when planted near a home, can lower energy costs in summer and winter for homeowners.

Traditionally, oak trees live for over 200 years. They can live up to 1000 years, and they are an older tree at 700 years of age. They do not get ill, and their seeds survive well because they are encased in a hard shell. The leaves and acorns are covered in tannic acid, which keeps them resilient and resistant to fungi and potentially harmful insects.

There are hundreds of different species of oak, and they grow slowly with deep roots. An oak tree provides shade, and it does not break under extreme weather conditions.

Oaks are native trees and easy to grow. Mature oak trees can grow to around 148 feet high, and their branches spread out wide in length.

Oaks also is a renewable wood source, as are all trees. You can always plant seedlings to replace fallen trees. The wood is treasured because of its quality, density, and strength. Carpenters love to use oak to build furniture, flooring materials, and home fixtures because the wood adds so many unique qualities to the finished product.

While oak trees grow throughout regions in North America, they are one of the oldest very stable, and sturdy species of trees on the planet. Oak trees inhabited the earth before early humans, and when people arrived on earth, they relied on these majestic trees to create tools and build ships from the wood.

The wood is durable and lasts because the tree is no acceptable to diseases or blight. Oak trees are very resilient trees with species ranging from shrubs to large majestic trees. They do not fall ill very often, tolerate drought, and are adaptable to hot, dry environments.

As a homeowner, there are so many beautiful reasons to plant oak trees. Oak trees live for over 200 years. It provides shade, and oaks are native trees and easy to grow. They are very resilient and robust trees. Oak does not break under extreme weather conditions, and they are not acceptable to diseases or blight. These trees are an invaluable part of the world’s landscape; they are instrumental and can also help reduce your energy costs. Their beauty and elegance are incomparable and will grace your home for years to come. 

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