Mitigation Plants in Restoration Planting

The Use of Mitigation Plants in Restoration Planting Many conditions will cause the natural landscape to experience imbalance or destruction, referred to here as a “disturbance event.” A disturbance event can occur through either natural or artificial phenomena. Examples of natural disturbance events include weather disasters, floods, pestilence, disease, and wildfires; Examples of artificial disturbance events […]

Wetland Plant Benefits

Wetland Plant Benefits Thousands of wetland plants that grow in the United States, including many types of mosses, grasses, and other aquatic vegetation. For most people, the appeal of many wetland plants comes from their aesthetically pleasing flowers and the fact that they grow well in the shade.  Wetland plants offer much more. They are praised […]

Unique Cattails

The cattail plant is naturally found near lakes and ponds. Cattails thrive in shallow water or muddy grass. They are an extraordinary plant; they are versatile, edible, and environmentally friendly. This plant works well on the property of nature enthusiasts. After putting this flowering plant in the ground around your pond or lake, you can […]

Wetland Area Info

Wetlands, defined as land areas where the water level remains near or above the ground’s surface for the more significant part of the year, are common in much of the temperate and tropical zones. In the wild, areas are classed as bogs, fens, marshes, and swamps. Depending on the content of the soil and the […]

Themed Gardens Are All The Rage In 2020

Themed Garden Overview – By Garden Delights Nursery Landscaping and gardening are excellent ways to spend time outdoors, communing with nature and making your living space attractive. It’s also an opportunity to release your creative potential and showcase your talents for other people to enjoy. One way you can do this is by turning your landscape […]

Bamboo Looks Amazing

The Bamboo plant is a very unusual plant when it is grown. It will look amazing when planted around the edge of the river, lake, or pond area. This plant grows high around bodies of water and if planted where the soils are full of moisture. Bamboo plants are usually found growing in different regions […]