​Flowering Trees Are Fragrant and Beautiful

Flowering Trees Are Fragrant and Beautiful Around A Home After a long and grueling winter, there’s nothing more beautiful and welcoming than flowering trees. Many homeowners want flowering trees on their property but are unsure how to take care of these trees and ensure they look beautiful throughout the year. The most  Common types of […]

​The Pagoda Dogwood

The Pagoda Dogwood; Everything you Should Know About This Stunning Plant One of the most common questions about the Pagoda Dogwood is, is it a tree or is it a shrub? This versatile plant can be either. As a tree, is is on the compact side, only growing 10-25 feet in height with a width of […]

​All About the Swamp Willow

All About the Swamp Willow The Swamp Willow The Swamp Willow tree is a medium-sized tree that grows in North America. The Swamp Willow is the largest of it’s kind. It can grow 10-30 meters tall, with the highest being 45 meters tall when it is fully mature. The diameter of the trunk can grow […]