Shade Trees For Sale at Tn Nursery – Low Prices Online

Planting shade trees is one of the best ways someone can combat the rising summer heat. Shade trees, when properly placed, lower cooling costs for the home and provide cooler temps in summer for both the house and the surrounding yard. Not only that, but planting the right shade tree a landscape so that the […]

How To grow Shade Trees Faster

How to Grow Shade Trees Fast Fast-growing shade trees may have the ability to rise to a given height within a couple of years, but several factors must be predetermined. Before embarking on setting a stately shade tree in the perfect yard location, consider these guidelines. The Right Zone Not all shade trees are comfortable […]

​Best Trees For Shade

Many homeowners enjoy the shade and privacy that large trees may provide to them, says Tammy Sons from Tn Nursery, a leading nursery supplier of all types of trees. It gives them a convenient way to stay cool during the summer. These trees can add value to a home because there are many buyers after […]

Best Trees For Spring

There are a wide variety of trees to plant for spring beauty. Flowering trees are a family favorite because they have large blooms and a very aromatic fragrance. The top choices are the magnolia trees, flowering dogwood trees, and weeping cherry. All are relatively easy to grow and are lovely to look at.       […]

Hemlock Tree

The Hemlock Tree is a beautiful tree that is native to Canada. It will live for hundreds of years and makes an excellent addition to any yard or landscape. It grows best in climate zones four through seven and loves areas that provide a complete sunlight environment. It will grow anywhere from fifty to seventy […]

Willow Trees Are Elegant And Graceful

This tree originates from China and means immortality and rebirth. These trees are usually planted near lakes or ponds. You can also find them in gardens and parks. They typically grow between thirty-five and fifty feet. Occasionally you will see that it will reach a height of seventy feet. The most common Willow tree is […]

Online Plant Nursery

Here on, we offer a wide range of different plants, shrubs, trees, and wildflowers available to purchase for your home garden. We make it easy when you log on to find what you are looking for. If you are looking for Wildflower Plants, the link is on the left. It will open to a […]