Privacy Hedges

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th Jan 2016

Looking for Plants That Will Delivery That Much Need Seclusion and Serenity?Privacy hedges are made up of shrubs and even trees that grow tall enough to block the view. This makes them just right arou … read more

The best edging plants

Posted by Garden Delights on 29th Sep 2014

Edging your garden is a must and will complete the area and bring everything together. Here are some great plants to try for edging. Alyssum is a great choice! It is fast growing and low maintenanc … read more

Best Privacy Hedges

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on 22nd May 2014

Best Plants to Plant for PrivacyWhen privacy is of importance in a garden or yard, please consider the following options.Privet HedgeA privet hedge can be planted to provide privacy and are aesthetica … read more
Top Hedges For Privacy

Top Hedges For Privacy

Posted by Garden Delights Plant Nursery on 24th Mar 2014

Evergreen hedges are perfect for a privacy screen because they mature into dense hedges quicker than other plants. When planting living screen, plant them in a zigzag pattern to get a fuller effect an … read more