​Pine Trees Advantages In Landscaping – TN Nursery

Planting pine trees offer a landowner a lot of advantages. Pine trees are fast-growing trees, provide timber harvesting for income, and are excellent for privacy fences.  Loblolly Pine Pinus taeda, or the loblolly pine, is also known as the Oldfield pine, bull pine, and rosemary pine. This fast-growing tree remains one of the primary commercially grown southern […]

Berry Bushes Feed Wildlife And Will You As Well

The Many Benefits of Planting Berry Bushes Berry plants are great sellers, states Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery People who love the garden are always looking for the best plants they can invest in for their yard. With so many plants, shrubs, and trees to choose from, it is natural to see what plants work […]

Plant Fast Growing Trees

The trouble with a newly built house is the landscaping hasn’t been filled out to fit it yet. Thankfully shrubs and perennials mature way faster than trees. It will be a decade or more before the average landscape tree can fill its role in a yard. You can change all that by planting only fast-growing […]

The Bull Pine Tree

Bull Pine The Bull Pine matures in 70 to 250 long years of growth. They are transplanted when they are few years old and make excellent wind resistors when planted in a series. These trees are hardy and are planted in a place that might need shelter from the elements. Pines grow in many varieties, […]

Best Trees For Spring

There are a wide variety of trees to plant for spring beauty. Flowering trees are a family favorite because they have large blooms and a very aromatic fragrance. The top choices are the magnolia trees, flowering dogwood trees, and weeping cherry. All are relatively easy to grow and are lovely to look at.       […]

Pine Seedlings Are A Great Thing To Have

Pine Seedlings Pine seedlings are great to use in landscaping projects and for landscaping around a home. Seedlings are very easy to handle and plant. They will also look incredible when growing and can also be kept to the perfect height. Pine seedlings are ideal for planting and growing a lovely border around a lawn […]