​Ostrich Fern

Ostrich Fern Among Most Popular Landscape Plants Once homeowners who are introduced to the ostrich fern, also known as the shuttlecock fern, they quickly recognize that its large, tall and lacy fronds make a perfect addition for their landscaping needs. It makes excellent border plant in any garden in addition to being the perfect plant choice […]

​Plant Ostrich Ferns Today

Those who like to have a unique and eye-catching floral arrangement can include feathery ferns to make it look more attractive. When they are planted in groups, they make such as impact. This type of fern is known as the Ostrich Fern. That was named as such because it resembled Ostrich feathers. That is among […]

Ferns Enhances Shade Gardens

Fern and fern plants are made for mostly shaded area in landscaping. From theNew York fern to the delicate Lady Fern, your choices are endless with native fern plants. Hayscented Ferns make a great fern too