​Live Stakes

Live Stakes is great in wetland areas.  A live stake is a section of branch from a plant absent of small twigs and leaves that is alive but in a state of dormancy. The main purposes of using live stakes is to create a root system that can stabilize the soil, prevent erosion concerns, and can […]

​Landscape With Live Stakes

Landscaping your pond with live stakes creates a beautiful borderline for your pond or lake. If you want to make your garden a sanctuary of peace and harmony, live stakes give a great aesthetic value to the place and environment as a whole. Live stakes can be created by cutting branches or putting growing compounds […]

Themed Gardens Are All The Rage In 2020

Themed Garden Overview – By Garden Delights Nursery Landscaping and gardening are excellent ways to spend time outdoors, communing with nature and making your living space attractive. It’s also an opportunity to release your creative potential and showcase your talents for other people to enjoy. One way you can do this is by turning your landscape […]