​Horsetail Sedge Is A Wetland Favorite: Garden Delights ..

Horsetail Sedge Is A Wetland Favorite What is Sedge? One of the most cherished landscape plants in the United States is the Horsetail Sedge. Sedge denotes any plant that is grass-like. This beautiful addition to any landscape thrives on wet grounds. Plant Description This beautiful plant, found in Alaska going south through Illinois and Pennsylvania, is a favorite […]

Mitigation Plants in Restoration Planting

The Use of Mitigation Plants in Restoration Planting Many conditions will cause the natural landscape to experience imbalance or destruction, referred to here as a “disturbance event.” A disturbance event can occur through either natural or artificial phenomena. Examples of natural disturbance events include weather disasters, floods, pestilence, disease, and wildfires; Examples of artificial disturbance events […]

​Tips For A Successful Perennial Garden

Make your own successful Perennial Garden The annual return of perennial blooms is one of the greatest delights for both beginner and expert gardeners. While their foliage provides beauty throughout the year, their blossoms bring added joy when they appear for one or two seasons each year. Follow these tips to help your perennial garden […]

​Why Using Moss Is The Best

Using Moss Is The Best For Landscaping Repeated plants, different fertilizers, and other tried-and-tested methods do not take on a client’s lawn surrounded by high trees. Landscape specialists frequently recommend moss for specialized garden areas, such as Japan, aquatic and stone yards, as is the case with shaded courtyards or in combination with native wildflowers. […]

​Boston Fern

Boston Fern Boston Fern– Nephrolepis exaltata The Boston Fern is a household staple or houseplant that many admire that delight in the distinctive arching fronds that are a beautiful emerald green display in any household. The arching is a mutation. Generally, this species was known to have erect fronds.  Boston Ferns are an excellent choice […]

​Ostrich Fern

Ostrich Fern Among Most Popular Landscape Plants Once homeowners who are introduced to the ostrich fern, also known as the shuttlecock fern, they quickly recognize that its large, tall and lacy fronds make a perfect addition for their landscaping needs. It makes excellent border plant in any garden in addition to being the perfect plant choice […]


Ajuga Ajuga is one of the most popular ground covers, and is commonly found in landscape plans. The plant’s popularity comes from its attractive, colorful foliage and small bright blossoms. Ajuga has many varieties. And their names often reflect the color or appearance of the variety’s flower. The ground cover often appears in gardens as […]

​Sweet Flag, Acorus calamus

Sweet Flag – Acorus calamus The sweet flag plant is a perennial. It is made up primarily of pairs of leaves that sprout from a firm base root. The yellow-green leaves reach vertically toward the sun and can grow to be up to five feet tall. The leaves are somewhat narrow and flat, coming to […]

​Live Stakes

Live Stakes is great in wetland areas.  A live stake is a section of branch from a plant absent of small twigs and leaves that is alive but in a state of dormancy. The main purposes of using live stakes is to create a root system that can stabilize the soil, prevent erosion concerns, and can […]

Fiesta ​Forsythia

Fiesta Forsythia Fiesta Forsythia is a small deciduous shrub, standing out from other varieties of Forsythia for several reasons. It only reaches heights of between two and three feet and has a spread of two to five feet with a nice mounded appearance. It is a low-maintenance plant that will reward gardeners with showy golden-yellow, […]