​Horsetail Sedge Is A Wetland Favorite: Garden Delights ..

Horsetail Sedge Is A Wetland Favorite What is Sedge? One of the most cherished landscape plants in the United States is the Horsetail Sedge. Sedge denotes any plant that is grass-like. This beautiful addition to any landscape thrives on wet grounds. Plant Description This beautiful plant, found in Alaska going south through Illinois and Pennsylvania, is a favorite […]

​Tips For A Successful Perennial Garden

Make your own successful Perennial Garden The annual return of perennial blooms is one of the greatest delights for both beginner and expert gardeners. While their foliage provides beauty throughout the year, their blossoms bring added joy when they appear for one or two seasons each year. Follow these tips to help your perennial garden […]

​Live Stakes

Live Stakes is great in wetland areas.  A live stake is a section of branch from a plant absent of small twigs and leaves that is alive but in a state of dormancy. The main purposes of using live stakes is to create a root system that can stabilize the soil, prevent erosion concerns, and can […]

How To Plant Bare Roots

How To Plant Bare Root How to plant bare-root trees Once you’ve received your bare root trees and are ready to plant them, carefully unwrap them, remove the packing from around the roots, untangle them, and then soak the roots for 2 hours before planting. After choosing the appropriate location for your tree, dig a […]

​Native Fern Plants are Hardy

Native Fern Plants are Hardy and Make Excellent Border Plants Most landscapes or gardens can benefit from incorporating fern plants because they are carefree, low-maintenance choices for borders, ground covers, or filling gaps between other plants. Fern plants are hardy to withstand even the harshest conditions, from drought to freezing winter. Though most ferns thrive […]

​Landscaping On A Tight Budget

Landscaping On A Tight Budget If you want to upgrade the garden in your backyard, you will need to make a few simple changes. You can get a vast array of different trees and other plants, but you will need to plan accordingly. Think about investing a little time in planning out how this could […]

​How To Plant Bare Root Perennials

How To Plant Bare Root Perennials About Bare Root Perennials Bare root perennials are inexpensive as well as easy to work with. Like other perennials, they are not picky about planting times and another benefit to them is that you do not have to plant them right away. In general, you can follow the rule […]

Perennial Gardens Make A Beautiful Landscape

How Perennial Gardens Make A Beautiful Landscape Perennials Make a Beautiful Landscape Lovers of beauty can’t resist a long, lingering gaze upon a garden with a landscape that looks like a surreal painting. With a bit of tender, loving care, perennial flowers like Virginia bluebells, Dutchman’s breeches, trilliums, and coneflowers flourish year after year. If […]

​Crepe Myrtle Shrubs Information

Crepe Myrtle Shrubs Information The crepe myrtle is one of the most beautiful plants, and it originates from Asia. As the years have gone by, it has become an increasingly popular choice hedge throughout the United States due to its beauty. People will mainly see the crepe myrtle as famous within the Southern climates. There […]

Crepe Myrtle Tree Is Great For Any Garden

THE CREPE MYRTLE TREE Plant Description The crepe myrtle, also known a Lagerstroemia, is a flowering tree with blossoms that will likely range from pure whites, reds to pinks and purples. This tree’s genus and family species consists of over 45 diverse kinds. It is native to warmer climates, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia, […]