​Boston Fern

Boston Fern Boston Fern– Nephrolepis exaltata The Boston Fern is a household staple or houseplant that many admire that delight in the distinctive arching fronds that are a beautiful emerald green display in any household. The arching is a mutation. Generally, this species was known to have erect fronds.  Boston Ferns are an excellent choice […]

​The Many Attributes of Using Sensitive Ferns

The Many Attributes of Using Sensitive Ferns Sensitive Fern – Onoclea Sensibilis The sensitive fern is an ornamental beauty beginning from the time it makes a first appearance in the form of new, pale red fiddle-heads in early spring. Filling a comfortable position in the role of hardy perennial plants, it returns every spring. Ultimately, […]

​White Hibiscus

White Hibiscus White Hibiscus is one of the color variations of the hibiscus plant that is quite popular. Known for their extensive and flowery appearance, these plants thrive in a tropical setting. The trumpet-shaped flowers come in many colors, but red, purple, white, and orange are the most popular. In a garden setting, these plants […]

​Garden Plants That Enhance The Look

Garden Plants Ordering Seeds Now that spring is here; gardening is possible to grow beautiful flowers and nutritious produce. Just about anyone can grow fruit, vegetables, or flowers in a home garden in their backyard. Apartment dwellers can build a variety of garden plants in containers located on balconies or patios. Of course, to grow […]

​The Basics of Hydroponics

The Basics of Hydroponics Hydroponics describes a method of growing plants in a solution or medium without soil. Despite the name, the medium doesn’t have to be water. It can be any nutrient solution or an inert substance like sand or perlite. Many people had their first exposure to hydroponics as children. Many kids would […]