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Affordable Gardening

Affordable Gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on 19th Dec 2017

Gardening is a fantastic way to keep yourself busy, feed your family and help save on the grocery bill. As you probably already know, growing a garden is already a cheap hobby to start up, but it can … read more
Garden Plants

Garden Plants

Posted by Dennis Sons on 27th Oct 2017

Garden PlantsIf you are considering starting a garden or simply adding to an existing one, you will need to carefully choose which garden plants you will incorporate into your design. For example, som … read more
​Protecting Your Gardens From Summer Heat

​Protecting Your Gardens From Summer Heat

Posted by Dennis Sons on 22nd Aug 2017

Having a garden can help make your home look very nice. In most gardens there are plants that you have which help provide a very nice appearance. When looking to have garden plants you will … read more

​Sustainable Gardening 101

Posted by Tammy Sons on 1st Mar 2016

Compost PilesWhat exactly is "Sustainable Gardening"? It's far more than planting a garden full of vegetables that will take care of you and your family through the summer, and hopefully through the … read more

Plants For First Time Gardeners

Posted by Tammy Sons on 7th Nov 2015

Planting a garden for the first time can be a daunting task, but with a few plants that are essentially fool proof, your first garden can look as beautiful as any long established garden. Garden p … read more