Fiesta ​Forsythia

Fiesta Forsythia Fiesta Forsythia is a small deciduous shrub, standing out from other varieties of Forsythia for several reasons. It only reaches heights of between two and three feet and has a spread of two to five feet with a nice mounded appearance. It is a low-maintenance plant that will reward gardeners with showy golden-yellow, […]

Flowering Shrubs

Choosing Flowering Shrubs For Your Yard The burning bush and forsythia shrubs are probably the two best-selling shrubs. For a good reason too. The forsythia plants light-up spring with yellow blooms. The burning bush gives off vibrancy in autumn with fiery red leaves. When designing your landscape, care and thought should go into the shrubs […]

Forsythia Shrubs Are Great For Spring

The bell-shaped flowers and yellow flowers on this gorgeous shrub are among the earliest signs of spring in zones 4-9 in the United States. It is beautiful in color with its bright flowers. Several varieties of this plant can range in size from tiny plants, around 1 foot tall, to others around ten feet. These […]

Best Shrubs For Small Areas

Best Shrubs For Small Areas Oak Leaf hydrangeas are great shrubs Many homeowners are looking for ways that they can integrate shrubs for their property soon. That has given owners a chance that they need to frame the exterior decor of their homes. Hedges and Boxwood are two excellent choices for owners who may have […]