Berry Bushes Feed Wildlife And Will You As Well

The Many Benefits of Planting Berry Bushes Berry plants are great sellers, states Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery People who love the garden are always looking for the best plants they can invest in for their yard. With so many plants, shrubs, and trees to choose from, it is natural to see what plants work […]

Unique Cattails

The cattail plant is naturally found near lakes and ponds. Cattails thrive in shallow water or muddy grass. They are an extraordinary plant; they are versatile, edible, and environmentally friendly. This plant works well on the property of nature enthusiasts. After putting this flowering plant in the ground around your pond or lake, you can […]

Pink Azalea

Azaleas are a staple for most southern gardens and landscapes. You cannot drive past many houses without seeing one of these flowering plants somewhere in the yard. They are members of the rhododendron family and can be found in evergreen or deciduous varieties. These are usually identified by the differences in their leaves and flowers. […]