Pine Trees attract birds and butterflies

Red Cedar Trees One of the most common trees that you can easily find in the eastern United States is the Eastern Red Cedar Tree. Planting evergreen trees is an environment-friendly task; you got oxygen, birds got home, society looks beautiful, and much more—the wood of this tree being used for uncountable purposes. The history […]

​Choosing the Hardiest Plants for landscape

Choosing the Hardiest Plants for Your Landscaping A landscape with the aura of unique foliage and flowers sets the tone for quiet relaxation and beautiful views, and hardy landscape plants are aesthetically pleasing, helpful, and ecologically valuable for landscaping. Landscapers can depend on these plants knowing that they will grow and blossom with minimal intervention. […]

​Boston Fern

Boston Fern Boston Fern– Nephrolepis exaltata The Boston Fern is a household staple or houseplant that many admire that delight in the distinctive arching fronds that are a beautiful emerald green display in any household. The arching is a mutation. Generally, this species was known to have erect fronds.  Boston Ferns are an excellent choice […]

​The Many Attributes of Using Sensitive Ferns

The Many Attributes of Using Sensitive Ferns Sensitive Fern – Onoclea Sensibilis The sensitive fern is an ornamental beauty beginning from the time it makes a first appearance in the form of new, pale red fiddle-heads in early spring. Filling a comfortable position in the role of hardy perennial plants, it returns every spring. Ultimately, […]

How To Plant Bare Roots

How To Plant Bare Root How to plant bare-root trees Once you’ve received your bare root trees and are ready to plant them, carefully unwrap them, remove the packing from around the roots, untangle them, and then soak the roots for 2 hours before planting. After choosing the appropriate location for your tree, dig a […]

​Native Fern Plants are Hardy

Native Fern Plants are Hardy and Make Excellent Border Plants Most landscapes or gardens can benefit from incorporating fern plants because they are carefree, low-maintenance choices for borders, ground covers, or filling gaps between other plants. Fern plants are hardy to withstand even the harshest conditions, from drought to freezing winter. Though most ferns thrive […]

How To Successfully Grow Ferns

How To Grow Ferns Successfully Ferns can be grown both outdoors and as houseplants. There are many ferns, including cinnamon fern, New York fern, hay-scented fern, and lady fern. Most of them seem to prefer shady to semi-shady locations. They’re generally easy to care for and prefer slightly acid soil and regular watering. Mulch will […]

Ferns for sale

Cheap tricks to make your ferns thrive in any type soil Ferns have evolved to flourish in a forest’s humus-rich acidic soil. So what can you do if your soil is less than perfect? Save up those potato peelings, coffee grounds, and other non-meat kitchen scraps for fertilizing. It’s best to cut the potato peelings, […]

Ferns Make Garden Landscapes beautiful

A border makes any garden more exciting and inviting, and creating one isn’t tricky when choosing the right plants. Ferns make excellent options for borders because they thrive in the shade of other more flamboyant plants and provide a stunning architectural impact and elegance. The following ferns make particularly excellent borders because they are easy […]