​Do It Yourself Landscaping In An A Affordable Way

Do It Yourself Landscaping The Affordable Way Creating a beautiful landscape or garden doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does it require weeks of backbreaking work. Check out these fast, inexpensive, and painless options for bringing your yard to life with flowers and foliage. Buy Bare-Root Plants A bare root plant […]

Mitigation Plants in Restoration Planting

The Use of Mitigation Plants in Restoration Planting Many conditions will cause the natural landscape to experience imbalance or destruction, referred to here as a “disturbance event.” A disturbance event can occur through either natural or artificial phenomena. Examples of natural disturbance events include weather disasters, floods, pestilence, disease, and wildfires; Examples of artificial disturbance events […]

​Aquatic Plants For A Unique Water Garden

Aquatic Plants Aquatic plants are often beautiful and exciting. Cattails, also called the bulrush plant, will grow where there is a lot of moisture, and they will become anywhere from 1.5 to 3 feet tall. They can grow very fast and are unique in their flowers, which look very much like sausages. These sausage-like heads […]

​River Rocks For Landscaping

River Rocks For Landscaping Rocks are an essential component of a naturally balanced environment. Since nature incorporates both living things and inanimate elements like rocks, a garden or backyard without stones will feel incomplete. But what type of rock should one use for their landscaping project? There are a handful of rocks that you can […]

​Getting Creative In Your Garden

Getting Creative In Your Garden Finding creative ways to structure your garden does not have to be difficult when you work with a few key ideas. There are many novel flower pots and hanging baskets that you can use to make the most of limited space. You can even use some recyclables to create structures […]