Sweet Gum Trees

Sweet Gum Trees

Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 24, 2018

Sweet Gum

"Sweet Gum Tree Seedlings"

Sweet Gum Tree - Dulce lignum gum

Sometimes referred to as the red gum, sweet gum trees are a deciduous plant with a rapid growth rate. Reaching astronomical heights of up to one-hundred feet when adequately cared for. The top of sweet gum trees forms a symmetrical cone-like design, enhancing the yard's appearance. Ideal for planting in a gardening landscape, the sweet gum brings about not only beautiful but is inviting to many wildlife as well. Some of which include beavers, squirrels, white-tailed deer, and wood ducks.

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Growing Sweet Gum Tree Seedlings

There are several steps to take when growing sweet gum tree seedlings for successful tree growth. Below are special instructions to help get started.

1. Put the sweet gum seedlings into a resealable plastic Ziploc baggie and filling it with a cup of dampened mineral enriched soil. Putting it in the refrigerator for between one and three months, checking the earth periodically for dryness and adding water as needed.

2. Using ten-inch flowerpots, put a mixture of three parts peat moss, a single layer of loam (a clay combination of clay & sand), then a layer of coarse sand. Next, take the unique mixture and soak for a total of twenty minutes.

3. Now it's time to sow the sweet gum seedlings, placing two per pot and pressing them down into the peat moss combination. Using around 1/16 of coarse sand and spreading it thinly on top of seedlings. Slightly moisten and allow to settle for several hours.

4. Put the potted seedlings onto a Southern facing enclosed porch or deck, allowing partial sunlight to reach them. Checking periodically to ensure soil mixture does not dry out.

5. Make sure to water sweet gum seedlings throughout the week when the soil feels dry. Keeping at least one inch of moisture inside of flower pot.

6. Within twenty to thirty days, the germination process should begin to take place. Especially, when kept in temperatures of seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. As sweet gum seedlings start to grow, if both plants should successfully germinate, place seedlings in their separate pots.

7. Place the newly potted seedlings into an area with partial shade during the summer. Watering them every two weeks or when dry to the touch, keeping the water level at a two-inch level. When winter arrives, transfer sweet gum plants to a sunny location.

8. Now sweet gum trees should be large enough to transplant into a garden landscape when summertime arrives. Just make sure the temperature is at least sixty degrees Fahrenheit before transplanting. Spacing them twenty-five feet from each other and adding some mildly acidic peat moss. Giving the trees, plenty of water during the warm summer months.

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The above sweet gum Tree growth steps should lead to a prosperous gardening future filled with gorgeous sweet gum trees.