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Remove Unwanted Garden Pests

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 14, 2014

Getting rid of unwanted pests on your plants

One can get rid of those unwanted insects and pests that will damage and even kill plants. There are some strong pesticides that will do this, but can also damage the plants. It is best to use natural pesticides to rid gardens and lawns of unwanted pests.

There are many ideas for natural pest control. One way is to keep your lawn and gardens clean and clear of all debris. It will help take care of unwanted pests altogether. There are also some good posts that are great to have around the garden or lawn. Spiders, ladybugs, yellow jackets and also praying mantises are great to have in gardens. They will prey on those pests that will damage plants and flowers. Also, these insects can be purchased through the mail and sometimes from garden centers.

Also, another great idea is to burn insect repellent candles when one is outdoors. The scent of these candles will drive unwanted pests. There are also gardening stakes available that will keep larger pests away from gardens and other areas. They will put off a sonic sound that only the pests can hear, and they are not to be this sound so they will stay.

Natural pesticides can also be created and made to spray onto plants that will work great to keep the pests. There are a lot or organic recipes available online that can be made from simple items that everyone has at home. These types of pesticides can also be purchased from home and garden centers.

Online nurseries will also have information regarding pesticides and organic pesticides. Gardeners will need to remember that when getting rid of the bad pet it will also clear out to good ones that will help out is eliminating the bad pests from a garden or lawn.

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