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Posted by Garden Delights Online Nursery on Feb 13, 2014

When it comes to a lawn or piece of property the owner wants it to be as beautiful as possible. I think everyone wants to have that curb appeal that catches the eye of anyone that passes by it. Nobody wants your neighbors to think that one has the ugliest lawn in the neighborhood. Even if one own a property that is home to a business one wants the exterior to attract people. Also pick a plant that serves the purpose one wants it to serve. Sometimes a plant or tree can be needed to be practical as a privacy fence and other times it is just to add a splash of color to the garden.

Landscapers and home gardeners alike choose certain plants, shrubs, and trees for various reasons. A professional landscaper might plant Privet Hedges or California Privets on a property if they are looking for a privacy fence or a wind break. If a homeowner is looking for a tree that adds color to their property, options such has the Peppermint Crepe Myrtle or the Honey Locust Tree are definite possibilities. For flower lovers, one option might be to plant perennials so that one has a dependable flower that comes a year after year. It not only cuts down on the money one would spend on annual flowers each year, but also in the amount of time one spent planting each spring. Some beautiful perennials include Asters, Bee Balm, Bird Foot Violets, Geraniums, and Red Day lilies. Other gardeners look to add plants to their property that attracts wildlife. Hummingbird Vines not only attract hummingbirds naturally but also look great covering a garden arbor. If one have a water feature or garden pond on your property, Lily Pads provide a natural feed supply to fish and other animals that call your pond home. There are all sorts of other trees, plants, and shrubs that attract all sorts of wildlife.

Many people do not look beyond the beauty that a plant or tree can add to a property, but they can truly serve multiple roles. They can have practical purposes, attract wildlife, and can provide one and their family fresh fruit year round. Landscapers and homeowners need to decide what they want out of the plant and then find out what plants will work best in their region. Once this can be done a little hard work and patience can mean a successful garden.

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