​Preparing Trees For Winter

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Dec 06, 2014

Trees are just as susceptible to the harshness of winter as other plants and flowers. Taking precautions to ensure your trees remain healthy and keep growing is always a good idea. Make sure your trees are ready and prepared for the winter months. Pruning your trees is a great start. Taking off the dead branches and removing diseased parts of the tree in the late fall will bring new growth to the tree when spring arrives and will also contribute to minimizing any damage from winter storms. It also helps to keeping pests and diseases at bay. Also take time to prune any low lying branches as this will make the tree healthier overall. Mulching is also smart and especially necessary if the tree is still young. They change while temperatures and mulching will help to keep heat and moisture in the soil. Mulching is important no matter how old the tree is though. Most recommend doing a thin layer as large as the spread of the tree to make sure the root system is covered. Fertilizing your trees in the late fall is also good practice. Top dress your mulch with a balanced fertilizer making sure that the fertilizer does not contain too much nitrogen as this will produce growth, and that is not desired during the fall and winter months. Also make sure to water them regularly if winter is relatively dry in your environment. For fruit trees, ornamental trees, and deciduous trees, a dormant spray might also help. However, do not use this spray until after you have pruned the tree. These showers are available at nursery stores and hardware stores and works to take care of overwintering microorganisms. It normally has lime, sulfur and copper in the mixture. It helps to control insects and their offspring. Do not spray this on an unusually hot day as it could damage any new growth in the process. Follow to be prepared and ready for winter and all the harshness it may bring.Favorite trees are redbud trees, oak and maple trees.