Preparing For Spring Planting Season

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 17, 2015

Preparing and getting a flower garden ready for those beautiful plants and shrubs to grow can take a little time. Start in the late months of Winter and make sure all the debris is removed such as limbs and old leaves. Also, if the soil is exposed it will be a great idea to loosen the soil with a garden tool and maybe add some much-needed fertilizer. 

The cold winter months will sometimes kill certain nutrients that are in our soils. Make sure that the border that was created around a garden area is still in tack and is sturdy enough to hold any more soils or mulch that will be added in the spring months. Plan the garden area and decide which plants are going to be added and also where certain plants and shrubs will be placed around in the garden. It is a great time to begin shopping and looking for the right plants that will do well in the garden conditions.

One can take into mind the amount of sunlight that it will receive and whether the soils are moist or dry conditions. Many varieties are available that will grow in both of these types of soils. It can be very exciting and will get a homeowner in the mood to start planting that garden but do not do it too early because there could still be some cold weather. Make sure when the plants and shrubs are added that winter is over so that the cold will not kill or damage plants that have been added. There are several types of fertilizer available for flower gardens, and there are also some great organic ones to choose from. These are usually available at larger home and garden centers. When spring comes, it might be a great time to add some much-needed top soil to a garden so that the plants will have plenty of healthy soil to grow in. Beautiful gardens is a wonderful way to bring lots of color and life to all areas on a lawn. 

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