Prepare For Whatever Comes Your Way

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 15, 2016

 How Nature Can Save You in an Apocalyptic Event

With all the recent natural disasters in the world, some people are a bit skittish about the threat of a catastrophic event that will end life as we know it now. Not only do we have natural disasters stirring up the anxiety of the general public, but we have a growing fear of nuclear weapons. There are many unsettled political relationships that are heavily shrouded in uncertainty. These things are usually a recipe for disaster.

There’s not really a need to expect the end of the world anytime soon when you really break down the numbers, and look at the odds. You should still arm yourself with the knowledge to survive given any world-altering situation. You need to know how to obtain the bare necessities in times of worldwide emergency. If the grocery store or your kitchen sink are no longer an option, you’ll need to be equipped with the proper knowledge to keep yourself and/or your family alive.

Water is the basis of our lives.

First, you have to know that you can only survive for three days without any water to drink. After that, you face death. Water is the single most important resource in any survival situation. More specifically, your body needs clean water to survive comfortably. That is the most important skill you need to learn; how to purify water naturally.

Your source of water will depend upon your location. Just know that fresh snow and fresh-fromthe-sky rainwater are usually safe water sources. As long as it’s fresh, you shouldn’t have to purify these resources.

You can also tap into the trunk of a Maple or Birch tree. They reserve water for the changing seasons, and in the late winter months you’ll find an abundance of clean water. Water from any other source should be considered unsafe and in need of purification.

The easiest and quickest way to purify any water source is to boil the hell out of it. If you can make fire, and you have a metal pot, then you’re set. Just make sure you boil the water for at least 10 minutes.  Moss plants works well in shade areas where you drain water to stop mosquitoes.

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