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Plants That are Easy to Grow

Posted by Garden Delights Plant Nursery on Oct 14, 2014

Easy To Grow Plants

Gardening does not always have to include plants that are hard to grow and take lots of work on your part. There are several kinds of plants that you can use that are easy to grow and low maintenance. Here are some easy to grow plants and flowers that will look amazing in your garden area.

English Ivy is a vine, super hardy and stays evergreen year round. They will climb anything you plant them near.

Geraniums are a very popular choice, and they are an annual. They come in almost any color you could imagine and can deal with the heat that comes with the summer months. They need six hours of sunlight each day, and you can use them in your landscape, hanging baskets or even containers if you want.

Petunias  known as morning glory vines are also a good choice. They also come in a wide range of colors and are very low maintenance. They will produce flowers from spring all the way up until the first frost of the year and need full sunlight conditions to thrive. They are an annual, and you can use them almost anywhere in your garden or landscape area. 

Perennials are another popular choice. They are versatile and come in ground covering varieties as well as shrub like plants. They can be found in many colors including gold, green or blue. They are a perennial and do best in climate zones three through ten. They need full sunlight conditions are will give you long lasting color in your yard. Hostas are among the top sellers and are also among the easiest to grow. They are extremely low maintenance and can grow in shaded areas of your garden plants. They grow best in climate zones three through nine and will give you many years of service in your garden as they are perennials in their nature. 

Weigela is another great selection. They are also low maintenance and will bring butterflies and hummingbirds to the area. They can grow in full or partial sunlight and are shrub like in their appearance. They grow best in climate zones four through nine and will give any area of your yard an instant makeover. Try one of these easy to grow and low maintenance plants in your landscape soon!