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Plants Can Add Flavor

Add Flavor To Your Drink
With Plants

Many great plants can be used as the basis of a drink recipe or add a subtle kick to a drink recipe that’s already established. If you’re interested in mixing your drinks, these plants are a great way to establish a unique taste and an inventive basis for new recipes and old classics alike. However, you should never forget to study your plants before adding them, as no one wants to mix a laxative into their smoothie inadvertently!

Mint is one of the primary components of many drinks, and fresh mint can be a blessing to both alcoholic drinks such as the proud mojito and non-alcoholic drinks like a refreshing tea. Most bars are already stocked with mint, but it may be surprised exactly how often You can use mint to refresh a tired drink. When mint is paired with citruses such as orange, lemon, or lime, it becomes something truly unique, making sure that you experiment appropriately with this robust flavor. Fruit peels are also an excellent way to add value to a drink. The zest from citrus plants goes wonderfully with powerful herbs such as mint and basil.


Of course, all alcoholic drinks originate from plants, making it so very important to understand their botanical origins. Wines come from grapes, for instance. Sangria, a mixed wine drink, is appropriately fruity, and anything that goes well with grape juice will mix well with wine for a fantastic and light mixed drink. Slices of refreshing fruits go fantastically with wine because of their essential grape origins.

Other types of liquor have a more earthy and balanced feel because they are distilled from wheat, potatoes, and other such ingredients. These more starchy liquors tend to be able to be infused with practically anything. Vodkas, for instance, can be used to make very simple and easy berry, fruit, and herb infusions. The mixer needs to add ingredients to their vodka and wait until an appropriate amount of flavoring is mixed. After straining, they will have a delicious vodka infusion that can be served either straight or on the rocks. A mixer can create, for instance, an excellent strawberry vodka that is then served with fresh blueberries and raspberries. You can also use sugars to bring out the natural flavorings of the plants.

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