Plant Live Moss Near Shade

Posted by Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery on Apr 09, 2014

Live Moss Provides a Nice Backdrop in Your Garden

Live Moss is a great way to add the beauty of a rainfall forest to your existing garden. This lush, green carpeted ground cover filters the air, purifies the rain and adds a mystical tranquility to your yard. It is often used in fairytale gardens, as borders, plant around stepping stones, to fill in gardens, on concrete walls, and as backdrops to highlight plants such as ferns, woodland flowers and ground covers that enjoy the same environment. Cushion Moss, Carpet Moss, Sheet Moss, and Rock Cap Moss provides some of the most versatile backdrops to use in your garden.

Cushion Moss

It is a light green moss with a silvery-white hint to it. It has tiny leaves and grows in round, cushion balls. It grows 3 feet wide and up to 3 inches tall. It does not have roots or flowers and can be found in soil, rotting logs, and around the base of both live and dead trees. This moss helps prevent erosion and provides shelter for insects and animals such as water bears. Use in shady areas and as a backdrop for existing garden plants.

Carpet Moss

This moss carpets the ground. Its leaves grow parallel to each other and taper into a serrated-looking point in the end. It turns golden green in the spring and dark green as it ages. This moss is great as a ground cover in gardens and as a backdrop to highlight garden plants.

Sheet Moss

This medium-green, low growing moss is peeled from the back of rock and soil surfaces. It thrives in shade and is just perfect for moss paths, between stepping stones and patio stones, and low traffic areas. It is the perfect highlight for evergreen ground covers and delicate wildflowers.

Rock Cap Moss

This thin and frilly, exotic moss is fast growing and can cover rock, forming a cap, in no time, which suggests its name. It stays lush and dark green year round and can grow in a number of different climates, such as cold winters and hot summer months and thrives in a variety of soils as sand, clay, and loam. It works great in gardens with rocks and boulders to create a unique backdrop for your garden.