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Plant Fast Growing Trees

The trouble with a newly built house is the landscaping hasn’t been filled out to fit it yet. Thankfully shrubs and perennials mature way faster than trees. It will be a decade or more before the average landscape tree can fill its role in a yard. You can change all that by planting only fast-growing trees.

We value maples for their gorgeous fall colors, but you’ll be waiting for 15-20 years for good shade and a semi-mature tree with enough stature and canopy to do its job in landscape design. We all love the fact that evergreen trees give us color 365 days a year. They are excellent at perking up the yard over the dreary days of winter. However, most of them grow at a languid pace.

Who has time to wait for the shade, height, and aesthetic value that trees add to great-looking landscaping? Every building looks better with the tall green mass of appropriately placed trees to soften the angles. Planting immature trees around a two-story home looks ridiculous. The expected relation of scale is upside down.

Did you know that it is far harder to sell a brand new home with young trees than it is to sell an older home with large trees? Marketability is essential in real estate, whether you’re buying it or building it. Transplanting large trees is extremely expensive, and the chances of survival get lower with every increasing inch of trunk width.

The only viable solution to this dilemma is planting fast-growing trees. Traditionally, all super rapidly growing trees were lacking in the looks department almost as much as they were weak, insect or disease-prone, and brittle. Luckily, plant breeders have been hard at work creating trees for years, and now there are excellent, quickly maturing landscape tree options.

The traditional “fast-growing” evergreen tree gained 12-18 inches a year at most. Now you can get evergreen trees that can grow up to 5 feet a year.

The fastest-growing traditional shade tree cultivars gained 3-4 feet of growth every year. Now you can have shade trees that can grow more than 12 feet taller in one year!

Now, why are we covering the world with disease susceptible, slow-growing maple trees again? Okay, so reserve a spot for brilliant fall color far away from your landscaping beds, or you’ll be pulling baby trees by the thousands always. There are fast-growing trees with nice fall colors too.

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