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Pink Azalea

Posted by Garden Delights on Aug 31, 2014

Azaleas are a staple for most southern gardens and landscapes. You cannot drive past many houses without seeing one of these flowering plants somewhere in the yard. They are members of the rhododendron family and can be found in evergreen or deciduous varieties. These are usually identified by the differences in their leaves and flowers. There are sixteen varieties that are native to areas and thanks to many cultivars, and there are more than fifty hybrid types. These plants will have five to six stamens on their flowers and come in more colors than just pink. 

They come in any color you desire. These plants love moderate environment conditions and do best in well-drained and slightly acidic soil conditions. They also need plenty of water and can bloom anywhere from March until August each year, depending on the variety you have. Pink Azaleas, do not need too much care make this plant more productive as well as colorful. Mulching around the plant each year will help protect the roots in the cold weather of the year and will also help to keep the soil moist. Also, regular pruning is recommended. Prune or trim this plant just after they have bloomed for the year, so it does not remove the following years blooms. They also need at least four hours of sunlight each day to reach their potential, and if you grow these indoors, it is best to plant these near a window with plenty of sunshine. Also, these plants are prone to fungal infections, but a light spray with a mild fungicide will prevent infection. Plant the pink azalea in your garden and landscape and watch how they will brighten your yard and your smile!