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Perfect Border Trees

Trees For Bordering

Trees are perfect for creating a natural privacy border around your landscape. Here are several that work well. The White Fir is a tree that is large and can grow to be up to sixty-five feet high. It will have a silverish blue color to it and will be beautiful throughout the year; It grows in hardy zone two to seven and is drought and heat tolerant. It becomes slow but is a favorite among many landscapers. The American Arborvitae is also an excellent choice. It will only grow to be about thirty-five feet tall and is also perfect for windbreaks. It does not do well with drought or extreme heat and is more suited to milder climates.

Most will have a pyramidal or rounded shape to them. The Amur Maple is another excellent selection. This tree grows to be about twenty feet tall and is dense. It is perfect for more miniature landscapes. It becomes small and can have multi trunks if left to its own devices. It is ideal for use as a windbreak and will provide some shade to the area. It has smooth bark and will also flower during spring. Another excellent choice when considering planting a tree is the Carolina Hemlock. It is a lovely evergreen tree that will grow upwards to sixty feet and is compact and dense in its appearance. That is more suited to more significant landscapes and will create a windbreak in addition to the natural privacy it will give your area. It will grow slowly but is worth the wait once you see this tree in all its glory. It will be pyramidal in shape, and the branches almost look lacy. No matter what you decide to use in your yard for your privacy screen, any of these trees are excellent choices and will make a statement in addition to the purpose they will serve in your landscape area.

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