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Perennial Plants

A beautiful yard and garden take a lot of planning and design to provide you many years of enjoyment and attractiveness. Choosing your plants includes a careful selection of annuals and perennials for a continuous array of color. Some yards are strictly perennial gardens with a dash of annuals to your pleasure from year to year. Typically perennials require less care and maintenance than annuals, need less water once established and have minimal problems with pests. Some hardy and exquisite perennials to consider for your garden could include the LarkspurMay appleTrillium, and Blue Bells.

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Perennials are plants that live for more than a couple of years, not considering many trees and shrubs which are also found as perennials. Your perennial garden may work as a border along a fence, wall, shrubs, evergreens or your property line to add a pleasing visual effect of color. The larkspur is a flower that does well against a great fixture such as a fence or wall since it is a tall flower. The colors can vary from blue, red, purple, white and yellow, with lacy, dark green foliage. They can attain a height of about 5 to 6 feet and grow as tightly packed spikes of color. These showy flowers require full sun but should be protected from strong winds. The flowers are single-type petals with a spur formation at the tip which give it its name. The center of the flowers contains a sack of nectar which is a favorite or hummingbirds and bees. The larkspur begins to bloom in spring before most other garden perennials.

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Another showy perennial is the May apple or Mayflower. It is a plant native to eastern North America and is most often found in fertile, moist soil in shady garden spots. The plants grow 12 to 18 inches tall with umbrella-type leaves presenting five to seven lobes. These plants grow in patches with huge shiny leaves. The apple Blossom-looking white flower is the shape of a cup with six to nine petals and blooms from April to June. The Mayapple grows a yellow berry fruit that can be used for jams or beverages. These are perfect specimens for the shady wild gardens.

There are 40 different varieties of Trillium in various colors. The most popular variety has flowers related to the Lily in pink, white and purple hues. They tend to bloom in each spring and get their nourishment from the flowers of the previous year. The trillium can be seen as a wildflower in many areas across the country but need a lot of time and patience on your part to add them to your garden, since they may not bloom for the first year or two after planting. Depending on the type you choose, these plants can vary in size from 5 to 24 inches tall and 4 to 12 inches in width. Some can live in full sun, shade or partial shade. Ants are the friend of this plant for reproduction and health purposes, rather than bees. Despite the variety, the flowers are recognized by the collar of its spiral blooms.

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Bluebells are a favorite in the wildflower gardens. They are easy to grow and maintain, spreading each year quickly. They reach heights of between 12 and 18 inches tall and present long, narrow bell-like blooms that are a favorite with hummingbirds. The bluebells most often grow in clusters in blue colors although some can be a creamy off-white hue. This is an excellent border plant that requires about 5 hours of sun, although it can also survive in the shade to partial shade.

To provide the best garden with continual color and blooms, it is essential to plan, draw your design and choose the appropriate plants. With careful thought, you can have a beautiful, visual piece of art in the landscaping you create with your choice of perennial plants.

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