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Perennial Gardens Make A Beautiful Landscape

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How Perennial Gardens Make A Beautiful Landscape

Perennials Make a Beautiful Landscape

Lovers of beauty can’t resist a long, lingering gaze upon a garden with a landscape that looks like a surreal painting. With a bit of tender, loving care, perennial flowers like Virginia bluebells, Dutchman’s breeches, trilliums, and coneflowers flourish year after year. If ever you’ve wished for a spectacular perennial garden to enhance your landscape, this is the year to make it happen.

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How Perennial Gardens Make a Beautiful Landscape

Imagine a velvet green, well-manicured lawn and a few well-placed trees or foundation shrubs on an expansive lot. Something is missing. Perennial gardens are the perfect way to liven up a dull landscape. Perennials grow in most any growing zones except those with extremes in cold or heat. In extreme climates, it may take a little more preparation and care to achieve the same results as temperate growing zones.

Choose contrasting colors for planting perennial flowers. Keep colors in balance—plant flowers with dark colors in the foreground of a garden and lighter colors in the background. Don’t be afraid to create a garden design before planting begins. Garden designs can be creative and also an effective way to focus attention.Image result for ​Perennial Gardening

Planting a Perennial Garden

Before planting begins, be sure to take a full view of the existing landscape. That helps to see the “holes” in the landscape that can benefit from planting a colorful perennial garden. Start the garden design with a decorative garden border of wood or rock. That will help complement the flowers, as well as provide a more defined appearance. It also helps the gardener maintain the size and space needed for a perennial garden.

A Splash of Color for a Beautiful Landscape

Many gardeners plant their perennial blooms artistically with small or large splashes of color. A flower bed of Virginia bluebells offers two distinct colors, slim, pale green stems with a profusion of azure blue flowers that grow about one and one half inches tall. Add dutchman’s breeches with their creamy white outer petals, buttery inner petals, and six-inch green fronds of foliage to enhance the landscape. With this flower, gardeners get four to six-inch tall plants that will set off the bluebells nicely. Trilliums are low-growing plants with white flowers and thick green petals. To brighten landscapes, choose the riot of color of coneflowers in red, white, yellow, Fuschia, or variegated hues.

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