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​Ostrich Fern

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Ostrich Fern Among Most Popular Landscape Plants

Once homeowners who are introduced to the ostrich fern, also known as the shuttlecock fern, they quickly recognize that its large, tall and lacy fronds make a perfect addition for their landscaping needs. It makes excellent border plant in any garden in addition to being the perfect plant choice for areas of the garden which seem to resist any other plant growth.

 Ostrich fern can thrive even in areas of the garden that tend to be quite damp in addition to very shady without much sunlight.

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Ostrich ferns are a landscaper’s best friend because the large leaves of this versatile plant variety provides the perfect way to cover over bare patches and other areas that have become eyesores because nothing else seems to take root in the soil. This beautiful verdant green plant makes excellent border plant for gardens that tend to attract deer. Because deer dislike its taste and aroma, this fern makes the perfect natural fencing and border material to protect the fruit, flower and vegetable contents of a garden from intruding wildlife.

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Ostrich fern makes excellent ground cover, growing to a height of almost two feet when fully mature. The abundant feathery green leaves also make the perfect backdrop for such shade-loving flowering plants such as bleeding hearts. They are easy to plant in holes that are shallow and should be watered on a regular basis until they firmly take root. They are also a popular landscape plant because they are require very little in the way of maintenance compared to the beauty they provide. Gardeners simply need to keep them supplied with enough water, especially during dry seasons of the year, in addition to cleaning away any debris left when the plants go dormant.

These ferns provide gardeners with an added bonus in addition to their beauty as a landscaping accessory. The tender tips, known as fiddleheads, can be harvested for eating. So it’s easy to see why this fern variety has quickly grown into one of the most popular landscape plants. Easy to maintain, this fern variety is the perfect solution for covering garden bare spots, for thriving in shade-covered damp soil, for offering a natural garden border that keeps away deer, and providing a delicious salad ingredient as a surprise benefit.

Image result for ​Ostrich Fern ideas

Ostrich fern require little maintenance compared to the beauty they provide. 

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