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Organic Gardening:

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 10, 2014

In today's world of eating healthier, making sure that you personally or your family eats the right kinds of meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. Many people still don’t realize that a lot of the "fresh" produce that you buy from the grocery store or even local produce stands may contain dangerous chemicals due to fertilizers and pesticides. It makes growing your organic vegetables even more appealing. And because vegetables you grow are usually fresher that the ones you purchase, they are nutritionally superior and better for you. They also have no chemical pesticides and fertilizers to be concerned. Several studies have been done regarding ingestion of organic vegetables and fruits and ingesting the same vegetables and garden fruits that have been grown using toxic pesticides and fertilizers. In most of these studies results proved that the organic produce was 50% high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals than produce grown using the conventional method. By eating organically grown food, you will probably discover that after a few weeks, you begin to feel better, and you may even notice that the produce you are eating even tastes better. One reason for this is because you are eating only the produce, nothing chemical or artificial, just the produce. Another benefit of eating organically is that it is environmentally safe. When you eat this type of produce, you are supporting farmers who only grow organically and will not put harsh, chemical pesticides or fertilizers into the ground. When you grow organically or buy organic produce, another way you help the earth is by the use of crop rotation. This method ensures that the same ground is not cultivated over and again, taking all the needed nutrients from the surrounding soil and making it useless for the next generation. Most of the time, eating organically grown vegetables benefits you, your family and the environment.