Online Plant Nursery, Who We Are And What We Do For You

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on May 21, 2014

Here on we offer a wide range of different plants, shrubs, trees and wildflowers available to purchase for your own home garden. We make it easy when you log on to find what you are looking. If you are looking for Wildflower Plants, the link is on the left it will open to a page that fills with six pages of beautiful colorful pictures of all the different wildflowers we have to offer. You can choose from Black Eyed Susan, the Blackberry Lily, Golden Poppies, Purple Coneflowers, and Yellow and Purple Violets.

When choosing what plant you want to purchase, we can help you determine the zone. We just happen to have a Zone Map available for you easily to determine what zone you currently reside in, so you will not have any issues with your new plants. We do add an extra layer of protection for you plants. When you place an order with we will check your zipcode to see what zone you are in, and check that the plant(s) you have ordered are compatible with their city. If we see there might be an issue we will let you know what item you have ordered is not compatible to your area and be able to suggest different plants or give instant credit to your account.

Once you order a plant from the order is dug up within 24 hours. We then dip all of the plants in a moisture rich terra sorb gel. We then surround the roots with peat moss and plastic for safe transit. We will ship all orders within 7-10 days unless it is out of season. We do place a note on the item to let you know when it ships. If you place an order online and you want it delivered during a set time of the year just simply place a note in the comment section. Let us know at checkout when you want the plants shipped and we will dig them a day ahead of shipping.