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​Oak Trees Have Many Excellent Uses

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Oak Trees Have Many Excellent Uses In Landscaping

If you have ever thought about planting oak trees in your yard, you may be interested in hearing about how you can do landscaping with them. Since these trees will grow to enormous sizes, you should consider how they may be planting well in advance. You may need to plan out across several decades if you want to make sure it fits well with your landscaping plans. Oak trees make great additions to yards because they provide an exact amount of shade for people. Think about which of these different varieties may be best suited for the look you want for your yard.

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First, you may want to consider using chestnut oak for your home landscaping projects in the future. Many people are impressed to find that these trees have been successfully grown in nearly every state in the eastern United States. They are very hardy, which means that they can tolerate many different climates out there. If you would like to use chestnut oak, make sure that you stay patient. Even once it reaches ten years old, it is only expected to stand 16 feet tall. It may take some time to grow to its most entire height, which will provide a maximum amount of shading.

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Many other homeowners might want to try out the white oak for themselves sometime soon. That is a great focal point for many yards since they tend to stand well above other trees when fully grown. You can also use them to house quite a few different species of animals. That can make your yard simply more enjoyable to experience during all seasons of the year. The white oak can have a trunk width of up to 4 feet and can have an extensive root structure. Think about whether you can trim back large tree limbs that may hang close to your house.

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Finally, don’t forget about trying to incorporate willow oak trees in your yard if you can. That is a great-looking tree that can add some character to many landscaping projects. Many gardeners enjoy having this tree around because it undergoes a dramatic change during the fall season. If you like seeing leaves change color, you may be interested in planting willow oak trees soon. It is also one of the most abundant species of trees out there, so think about how this may affect your landscaping plans as well.

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