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Spring Time Means It’s Time To Visit Your Local Nurseries For Garden Plant

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to head to your local nursery for your favorite spring flowers. Nurseries are great for picking out your favorite plants and for getting expert advice. Some great plants to add to your Spring garden list include perennials and ferns, and don’t forget the ground covers!


These exotic garden plants bloom year after year. They work well in various spaces, including container gardens and flower beds, and in several different situations, such as in combination with annuals and bulbs and as colorful accents to trees and shrubs. Species include Basket of Gold, Bear’s Breeches, Agave, Bee Balm, Balloon Flower, Baby’s Breath, and more.


These lush, leafy green, flowerless plants with feathery leaves work great in areas where other plants may be a problem because of deer. They grow from 12″ – 6 feet tall and are great for adding a distinctive look to gardens, especially Woodland gardens. These plants come in several different textures and grow best in shaded areas. Species include Japanese Tassel, Hay Scented, Western Sword, and more.

Ground Covers

Protect your budding plants from frost, birds, insects, and even the sun with a protective garden cover. Garden fabric is easy to use; drape the fabric over the garden plants, or use hoops or a wooden frame to support it. Fabric is available in All-Purpose, Summerweight, GardenQuilt, and Shade Netting.

Purchasing Plants from Local Nurseries

Purchasing your plants from a local nursery offers several benefits:

Plants require a certain amount of patience, nourishment, and care. Purchasing your plants from a local nursery saves you time and patience and ensures your plants are healthy and adjustable.

Nursery plants are grown by skilled gardeners, which means they’ll look better and last longer, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase rare species.

Knowledgeable staff is always available to help you with your plant and garden concerns, and because plants are native, there is no need to worry about bringing home foreign insects.

In short, you are purchasing plants from a nursery that offers you beautiful, healthy plants and peace of mind.


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