Non-Edible Composting Items

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 21, 2014

You know that you can use food scraps and vegetation in your compost bin, but there are some other items you can use that will really surprise you. Composting is a great way to prevent producing more garbage by recycling some of what you would normally throw away as garbage into something usable such as fertilizer. Some of the more common non-edible products to add to your compost bin include cut up or shredded newspapers, dryer lint, hair, tree leaves of course and cardboard. Cut these up into strips before adding to the compost bin. Also, if using newspapers, be careful not to use the more glossy advertisements, as these do not do well in the compost bin. Stay away from using too much newspaper or cardboard. Another helpful hint is that it help to dampen the newspapers and cardboard a bit before adding it to the compost bin. Things that come from the aquarium are another great additives. You can, of course, add the straw, pine needles, yard waste such as grass clipping, cut up leaves, twigs and small limbs, etc. 

Coffee grounds and used coffee filters make an excellent addition to the bin as well. It is always important when using anything in your compost bin, to be sure that the materials are organic. You don’t want to use any yard waste that may be contaminated with pesticides, insecticides or any fertilizers that could contain any toxins. Generally speaking, using some common sense when composting can produce the end result that you are looking. Also keep in mind when adding items to your compost bin, that smaller is better. If you have larger items, be sure to break these down into as many smaller pieces as possible. If the pieces are smaller it will keep, consistently the materials will break down and decompose as they are supposed to do. Stirring the compost and turning it two to three times per week will also ensure that the materials breakdown more consistently. Heat is another must have. The warmer the weather, the faster the composting process will be.