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Mulching Your Trees

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Dec 06, 2014

Mulching your trees is one of the most important and best things you could do to promote your tree’s overall health and growth. It is recommended by many to be done on a regular basis. Mulch a tree to make it that much better. Mulching is especially important for newly planted and young trees as they are more vulnerable than those that are already established in your landscape. You will need a rake or shovel and the mulching material you have selected to complete this landscaping job. Mulching does so much for your tree. It helps by keeping moisture on the ground and keeping the temperature regulated. Additionally, it contributes to reducing soil compaction and helps with aeration as well as increasing the amount of nutrients your tree receives. It will keep the look and overall visually appealing. Here are some steps on mulching your tree properly. Making sure the timing is correct is the key. Mulching in the spring or late fall is the best times. You should also mulch if you do anything construction wise in your yard that may have affected the tree’s root system. Also, anytime your tree is injured your should mulch. Next, you will need to select your mulching material. Organic is the best for your tree. Some recommended choices are wood chips, tree bark, compost, pine needles or leaf mold. They will need to be replenished yearly but will be the most nutrient rich thing you can put down. Next you will want to apply your mulching material in a circle around the tree as wide as the spread of the tree. This ensures that the entire root system has been covered. Usually, a layer of two to four inches will suffice. Anything more will be unhealthy for the tree. Do not mulch with big piles or more than six inches as this can lead to pest and disease issues later down the road. Do not forget to take care of your trees the same as you would care for your other plants and flowers.