Mountain Laurel Shrubs

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 03, 2014

Mountain Laurel shrubs are beautiful shrubs that will look amazing in your garden or landscape area. They grow best in climate zones five through nine and prefer environments will full or at least partial sunlight to grow and develop properly. They will grow anywhere from ten to thirty feet by ten feet. They have an amazing growth rate of one to two feet per year. It can tolerate heavy drought and a variety of different kinds of soil conditions with no problem at all. This shrub will produce beautiful blooms that will go with your garden or landscape some shock and awe value. It is very showy and is closely related to plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons. It will be round and will produce dark green foliage that will remain beautiful all throughout the year.  fern plants  are hardy and beautiful.

During the spring months of the years, it will bring about beautiful clusters of flowers that will vary in color from red to pink to white. Although it can adapt to many different soil conditions, it will produce more blooms and color with acidic elements in the soil and well-drained moist soils. It also appreciated dirt that is full of organic matter so add some compost or peat to the mix for the best results. Please note that all parts of this shrub are poisonous and should not be consumed or ingested. Also, if you have soil that tends to dry out easily, plant this shrub in partial sunlight to keep the ground full of moisture. Additionally, this shrub is deer resistant and will also do well in containers if need be. It is the perfect shrub to add to your garden as a showpiece and will compliment your garden in a way that in some ways cannot be matched. Try adding this Mountain Laurel Shrub to your landscape and see what beauty and color this will bring life to one's yard for many years.