Most Vibrant Shrubs Available

Posted by Tammy Sons on Nov 15, 2015

If you are looking to improve upon the design elements of your hard, look no further than these most vibrant shrubs. Shrubs, whether vibrant or flowering shrubs are an excellent option available to you for improving the look and general feel of the yard, all while boasting exceptional options for color and smell. Shrubs are able to stand out quickly and easily, accenting the rest of your hard without costing an arm and a leg to install. This is what makes these shrugs some of the best options out there.


The Forsythia shrubs is a kind of a flower that is part of the olive family. There are actually 11 different species of these flowers, all of which are native to Asia, although one of the variations does pop up around Europe. While these flowers are not native to the United States, it is still possible to plant these different shrubs. The flower shrubs are perfect as they grow anywhere from three feet to almost 10 feet in height. As long as they are properly monitors, groomed and weeded, it is possible to keep these plants under control in terms of growth and size, and these shrubs make excellent options for added color, as the burst of bright yellows and oranges are excellent inclusions with your home yard. These type shrubs are decidious and we have a lot of decidious trees.

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Watermelon Red Crepe Myrtle

The watermelon red crepe myrtle shrubs receive the name due to the bright, vibrant red flowers that bloom from the top of the shrubs. Plus, the green that blooms around the red makes the plant look like a watermelon in terms of color. The shrubs can grow to become rather large, often times larger than that of a bush, occasionally reaching 10 feet in height, but this only happens if it is left to grow uncontrolled. Each stalk has its own flowers and green leaves that grow around it, and it makes a very nice inclusion in your yard, especially if you are looking for a warm color of red that can ad color to your garden and yard throughout the year, and not just during certain times.

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Natchez Crepe Myrtle

The natchez crepe myrtle is similar to that of the watermelon red crepe myrtle, although it is shorter (usually) and the color is a vibrant off-white and green. The height of the myrtle generally sits around three and four feet, although it can grow to around 10 feet, if again it is left to grow uncontrolled. On top of this, the shrubs are going to provide an excellent addition to a brighter garden, and even right next to the watermelon myrtle. The colors of white and bright yellow, orange give you an excellent look, all without having to spend a good amount of time shaping and pruning away at the garden and shrubs.

Shrubs are an excellent way to add a burst of color to the yard, without having to go with flowers, which require more work, or bushes, which you need to continually cut throughout the year. Instead, these three shrub options only need to be shaped every year or so, and the flowers the shrubs provide are enough to rival anything else you'd spend far more time on. Due to this, you are able to have an excellent display of color, all of which can vary, depending on the color you are looking for. Privet shrubs accents crepe myrtle plants well also.

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