Most Fragrant Trees For The Garden

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Jan 30, 2014

Top Trees for Fragrance

Are you looking for new landscaping ideas for your yard or garden? Trees can provide more than just a bit of shade and beautiful blooms. Here are a few trees that offer a lovely fragrance as well.

1.Empress trees - Paulownia tomentosa

Native to China, this large deciduous tree can reach 82 feet tall. In early spring, the tree produces tubular purple flowers that emit a powerful fragrance. The empress tree grows quickly and is a good choice for sunny yards. Heavy pruning increases the size of the beautiful, heart-shaped leaves. It grows and thrives in most soil types.

2.Magnolia trees - Magnoliacea family

This world renowned family of small, fragrant trees includes hundreds of species and cultivars. The magnolia is loved for its large colorful blossoms that cover the tree in early spring. The foliage is quite dense, with large, leathery leaves. This tree grows best in full sun with moist, well-drained soil.

3.Lilac - Syringa vulgaris

The lilac is a workhorse of the northern garden, attracting pollinators to the garden with its enticing fragrance. Flowers appear for a short time in early spring and can now be found in a variety of colors including white, lavender, pink, and deep violet. These large shrubs grow just about anywhere, but the blooms will be bigger if exposed to full-sun.

4.Honeysuckle Azalea - Rhododendron canescens

These large shrubs are native to the south-eastern United States. They are coveted for their small, colorful blossoms and sweet perfume. Honeysuckle azaleas are perfect for warm climates and will grow quite large in semi-tropical conditions. They thrive in sun or shade, but require an acidic, well-drained soil

These trees and shrubs will entice gardeners and visitors into the garden with their fresh and subtle fragrance. Thanks to these hard-working trees and shrubs, landscaping with scented plants has never been easier.